Maryland Distance Learning Association

Welcome Letter from the MDLA President

barbaraWelcome! eLearning and digital education have certainly experienced transformational changes in the past few years, extending their reach into formal K-12 and higher education, corporate and non-profit settings, and government. The Maryland Distance Learning Association stands as a leader in this changing landscape, providing enrichment and professional development opportunities throughout Maryland. It is composed of educators, administrators, and leaders in the field of digital education, whose goal is the promotion of quality, innovative eLearning.

Please consider joining our organization and contributing to our efforts. Take advantage of our monthly Wired Webinar series, our popular “Tools of the Trade” Fall Event, and our annual Spring Conference! Suggest webinar topics or propose a potential presentation at our conference—MDLA’s events are wonderful opportunities to connect and build personal learning networks with colleagues who share a passion for eLearning and digital education.

Thank you for visiting our site, and we hope to see you at one of our events.

-- Barbara Zirkin, 2016-2017 MDLA President

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