Wired Webinars

http://www.dostavka-oil.ru/uploaded/shabloni-dlya-prezentatsiy-eda.html шаблоны для презентаций еда MDLA is pleased to offer 1-hour webinars throughout the year on current issues and topics related to distance learning.


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http://www.8b.kz/uploaded/allergiya-test-na-allergeni.html мебель нижнегорск склад каталог Assessing Online Learning
Dr. Kathryn Doherty, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Assessment at Notre Dame of Maryland University

source link http://www.ingatlanstudio.net/sharre/zhelteyut-listya-u-grushi-chto-delat.html Open Educational Resources
Nicole Finkbeiner, M.A., Associate Director, Institutional Relations, Rice University's OpenStax College

We invite webinar proposals on the following topics:
  • Online Classroom Management
• Social Media Policies on Campus and in Your Classroom
• Online Student Readiness
• Online Faculty Readiness
• Formative Assessments
• Using Analytics
• Online Authentication and Identity
• Intellectual Property and Copyright in a Digital Environment
• Meta-cognition
• Brain-based Learning
• Learning Styles
• Financial Aid and Attendance Online