Maryland Distance Learning Association

Wired Webinars

MDLA is pleased to offer 1-hour webinars throughout the year on current issues and topics related to distance learning.


Archived Webinar Recordings

Assessing Online Learning
Dr. Kathryn Doherty, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Assessment at Notre Dame of Maryland University

Open Educational Resources
Nicole Finkbeiner, M.A., Associate Director, Institutional Relations, Rice University's OpenStax College

We invite webinar proposals on the following topics:
  • Online Classroom Management
• Social Media Policies on Campus and in Your Classroom
• Online Student Readiness
• Online Faculty Readiness
• Formative Assessments
• Using Analytics
• Online Authentication and Identity
• Intellectual Property and Copyright in a Digital Environment
• Meta-cognition
• Brain-based Learning
• Learning Styles
• Financial Aid and Attendance Online